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When are tryouts?
Tryouts for all teams are held every year in late May or early June. Please visit the TRYOUT webpage for more information. Trials are also held on a selective-basis throughout the year as allowed by our coaches. If you are interested in ELITE SOCCER ACADEMY, trial, or wish to be contacted when tryout information is released, please email Dusko Piljic at [email protected] or call 561 628 3344.

Do I have to register ONLINE for Tryouts?

Yes, all players are required to register online for tryouts regardless if they are new or existing players.

Do I have to bring any forms to the tryouts?

Yes, new players are to bring copy of birth certificate, filled out concussion and medical release forms downloaded from our website under “Forms”.

What equipment do I have to bring to Tryouts?

All players are required to bring a ball, shin guards, water/drink.

How many times per week do the Elite Soccer Academy teams train and play games?

Playing on a Elite Soccer Academy team requires a significant commitment. The U14 and U13 teams train four times per week with one or two games on most weekends. The U12, U11, U10 and U9 teams train three times per week with one or two games on most weekends.

Where do the Elite Soccer Academy Academy teams train and play home games?

Elite Soccer Academy teams play home games at the Memorial Park in Lake Worth and practicing in Village of Palm Springs and City of West Palm Beach “South Olive Park”. Please visit the Elite Soccer Academy web site for more information.

How often do the Elite Soccer Academy teams travel?

Playing on an Elite Soccer Academy team requires a significant commitment. Elite Soccer Academy teams travel between 10-15 times per competitive season  with mostly Florida State travel and neighboring counties and some out of the state travel (, Tournaments in North Carolina, Texas , etc.). Please visit each team’s webpage for more specific information on their individual schedules this year. 

Can I play for the Elite Soccer Academy and play other sports?

Players on Elite Soccer Academy teams can play other sports only if 1) they play on a U13 teams and younger teams, 2) they get prior permission from their Coach and Academy Director, and 3) it does not interfere with Elite Soccer Academy trainings or games. Players who play other sports must do so knowing that playing for the Elite Soccer Academy is a significant commitment and that the Elite Soccer Academy will come first over other extracurricular priorities.  Age groups U14 and older  Elite Soccer Academy players are not allowed to play other organized sports.

What are the consequences if you miss one or two training sessions?

Practice makes perfect so here at Elite, we are very serious about practice time. If a player misses 1 unexcused practice it =  ½ game on bench with no playing, 2 unexcused practices it = Full game on bench without playing (player must come fully dressed and sit on bench to support team, if player does not, player will automatically be suspended for another game). We understand that things come up in family life, so we do have leniency for excused practices. A parent must send text or phone call to manager/coach prior to practice and the player must have an attendance rate higher than 80% of practices.

How can Elite help me avoid missing practice when I cannot bring my child?
Elite offers a low cost shuttle bus service that will have pick ups and delivery back of child. Please look at the shuttle bus tab for more details. 
Also, we recommend getting with another parent on team and organize car pooling to help. 

Can you guest play for the teams or clubs out of Elite Soccer Academy?

No, Elite Soccer Academy player is allowed to guest play for the teams within its own club. Elite Soccer Academy coaches and teams will not guest players from other clubs. 

How players are rostered for the competition on weekly basis?

A Developmental Player (DP) is a player who is not a full-time rostered player but is allowed to train full time and will be called into the game day roster for select league or tournament games based on their weekly training performance and games effectiveness. Players will be moved up and down strictly based on their performances in practice and games. Players progressing at a faster rate can be moved up to Division 1 from the lower division. Players in Division 1 that need more time and confidence will be brought down to Division 2 to help them in their development. Elite constantly is evaluating players and looks at the long term with each and every player. All decisions will be communicated with players and parents.

What leagues do the Elite Soccer Academy teams play in?

The Elite Soccer Academy teams play in various leagues depending on their age. The most competitive teams play in South Florida United league. Every team plays in Early Palm Beach Soccer League starting late August. The U14 & u13 teams play State Cup. The U12, U11, U10 plays South Florida United League and Region Cup.

Who coaches the Elite Soccer Academy teams?

Please visit the Elite Soccer Academy webpage under CLUB/contacts for more information.

Do I have to be a USA citizen to play for an Elite Soccer Academy team?

You do not have to be a USA citizen to play for an Elite Soccer Academy team. However, non-USA citizens must have their appropriate Visa completed and approved to be eligible to play on an Elite Soccer Academy team.

Can I wear non-Soccer Academy practice T-shirts or Uniform if I play for an Elite Soccer Academy team?

No, All Elite Soccer Academy players have to wear appropriate Elite Soccer practice T-shirts (colors) and Uniforms during the training sessions and games.

Am I required to live in Palm Springs, West Palm Beach or Lake Worth to play for the Elite Soccer Academy?

No, players are not required to live in above mentioned cities to play for the Elite Soccer Academy. Players have commuted to Elite Soccer Academy trainings and games from surrounding counties, all players must realize the significant commitment it takes to play for the Elite Soccer Academy team with three to four trainings per week in addition to games and travel.

How much does it cost to train and play for the Elite Soccer Academy?

Detailed pricing is on our website under PROGRAMS/Competitive Soccer Cost

I have two kids playing, do I get a discount on second child?
Yes, coaching fees are reduced to half off for the second child. Please go to Programs/competitive travel costs for a more detailed cost breakdown. 

How do I pay Elite Soccer Academy?

Uniforms, registration fees, coaching fees and 3 required tournaments are all done ONLY online through our website.  Referee fees are paid to team manager on a season basis. Shuttle bus fee is paid to driver in cash at time of service.

Does Elite Soccer Academy offer any scholarships to players?

Yes, Elite offers scholarships to players that can qualify though our application process.  Please download a financial aid form in the FORMS section and submit to our email.  We also offer scholarships through parent and child additional volunteer work. 

What happens if I am a late for coaching fees?

If a player is late for payment, the player can continue to practice, but will be unable to play in games. If a player is 1 months late for payment, the player will be suspended from practice and games until the account is current. 

When do I pay my ref fees?
Ref fees will be collected for the league season before the season starts. It will be divided by quantity of players on roster. 

What happens if I do not pay my ref fees?
If ref fees are not paid before the start of season, the player cannot play in game until ref fees are paid. The player can continue to practice at the training sessions.